About Q36 Pest Control

Q36 Pest Control offers exceptional service, honest evaluations and a superior customer experience to all of Oak Ridge and the surrounding East TN counties.

At Q36 Pest Control, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer experience while providing top-notch services for a reasonable price.

We understand the many frustrations that come with dealing with a pest issue that can cause a disturbance to your daily life. This is why Q36 Pest Control offers outstanding customer service placing a high value on our customers’ “peace of mind.” At Q36 Pest we implement a wide variety of options to suffice our clients needs while eliminating these pests along with options to prevent any reoccurrence. We believe in taking the extra step to help our clients reach and keep a pest-free environment by helping to identify any contributing factors.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry our licensed applicators utilize their experience and education in our approach to give our customers results that they deserve. At Q36 Pest we implement multiple strategies in our treatment process to not only rid your home of pests but to keep them away in the future. Whether you are looking for a solution for a specific pest issue or looking for continual pest protection for your home or business, Q36 has a solution for you at the right price.

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Meet the Team

Tony Yassu

Tony Yassu

Pest Management Professional

My name is Tony, and I am proud to be joining the elite team of Q36 Pest Control. I have operated as a pest management professional for over 20 years. During that time, I have advanced in certifications, training and education. Being a part of Q36 allows me the great opportunity to provide clients with exceptional service. I look foward to serving East Tennessee.

Zack Yassu

Zack Yassu

Certified & Licensed Pest Control Specialist

Zack is the name and pest control is my game! I’m Zack, Service Leader for Q36 Pest Control. Pest control has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Now with over 20 years’ experience, I still find joy in helping others through their pest situations. Living here in East Tennessee, it’s all about helping your community by doing your part, and I love providing exceptional service to all for our community. Certified and licensed in general pest and wood destroying organisms as well as certified in mold remediation, I enjoy applying my knowledge to help through tough pest problems.