The Era of Encapsulation

Jan 26, 2023

The last few years have seen an uphill trend with the topic of discussion being crawlspace or basement encapsulations. For years these areas have been neglected and never given a thought, like they didn’t exist, not knowing what a vital role they play on not only the health of our homes but also the health on their inhabitants. Most of us have never stepped foot nor laid eyes on these spaces, relying on the fact that as long as the house was still standing things beneath were okay. As we all know now that isn’t always the case and by the time we realize a problem from above, things beneath are on the verge of mayhem!

Living in East Tennessee, we experience some of the wettest climates in the country. Water is such a vital thing in our lives but also one of the most destructive. It’s funny how something can be so important to our survival but dangerous as well, kind of like fire. Where there’s high moisture content problems, like fungus and mold/mildew, algae will follow. These can cause serious health complications with humans, and wet crawlspace’s and basements are the ultimate breeding grounds for these to thrive in. The worst part is the way air is circulated in our homes through the “stack effect” in that air is pulled from the lower levels and pushed upwards thru the top of our houses. This means that these fungus and mold spores we aren’t seeing are basically being distributed to our family all while being unaware as it’s taking place! These spores not only attack our families health, but they also eat away at the structure they attach to creating havoc on the structural integrity of our home’s foundation. After this recent pandemic, we all have become much more aware and conscious of keeping ourselves and loved ones as healthy as possible. I believe this has had a major effect on us looking for ways to create a healthier living spaces.

Encapsulations essentially remove moisture from sticking around these areas to create the problems they do. It encapsulates these spaces from the outside elements and moisture from the ground to prevent moisture buildup that leads to these destructive outcomes. Air quality becomes cleaner, structural piers and wood stay drier and hold stronger for longer. This also greatly reduces the amount of heat or air that escapes the house. essentially saving us money becoming more efficient. Here in Oak Ridge, TN or East TN in general, there are also many pests that require that high moisture content to thrive in, and having your crawl or basement encapsulated greatly reduces those encounters. These are only a few of the benefits encapsulations can create for your home and health. As the majority would agree, these are two of the more important things at the forefront of our mindsets. 


Before Crawl Space Encapsulation

After Crawl Space Encapsulation