Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Dec 31, 2022

Ooh, how this old time, oddly charming bedtime lullaby resonates with so many of us nowadays! Whether personally experiencing this or knowing loved ones that have, we now know the darker side of despair this cute little lullaby carries. Similar to the “ring around the rosie” child’s game, a much more dark and sinister meaning hides behind the more cheerful antics that lies on the surface. I wonder if these were created during a time when there was little hope of helping the public cope with such a harsh truth?

Working in the pest industry for years now, I’ve seen first-hand the strain this little “bug of the beds” has on people who’ve had to face off with these blood suckers. The frustration and shame that comes with the public’s perception of contracting these pesky invaders, though I’ve seen all walks of life encounter them, only begins to scratch (or bite) the surface! Lol. Sorry, bad time for a bed bug pun! Being difficult to find and to control on top of lack of sleep, itchy bites and unwillingness to want to get into your own bed is a recipe for disaster on so many levels. Through the hundreds of bed bug jobs I’ve covered, I’ve noticed getting rid of them mentally for my clients has far outweighed in difficulty to getting rid of them physically!

I’ve seen it all from worry or anxiety to full blown paranoia of still feeling and/or seeing them. Truly believing that something is still there far after any reported activity or bites were found. This shows just how difficult these pests can be for some and the mental strain that could potentially continue long after they’ve been eradicated. At times we, as exterminators, are asked to put on our therapist cap to help alleviate these concerns and make our customers feel safe and secure. This job can be taxing at times though helping others through rough situations is very rewarding and why I love this job. I always say half the battle is won eliminating the pest, and the other is making your client feel confident in your work and safe in their home!

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