Spring Is Here!

Mar 29, 2023

    Though we still have a short time of winter’s uncertainty left, I believe it is safe to say spring is here! The days are getting warmer by the week, and all signs of a late winter-like rise seems to be fading into the background. With temperatures rising by the day here in eastern Tennessee, the mornings and evenings are now filled with the pleasant sounds of spring with song birds singing, insects buzzing and landscapes coming back to life. These are cherished times for us here in the volunteer state as we all scramble to assemble the preparedness of all of the wonderful outdoor activities our great state of Tennessee has to offer. As we become consumed during this transitioning time of year, another group has patiently waited for this time and has steadily built up for this moment and will happily start to make appearances as they also move forward in this rewarding weather of spring.

    This is the group of bugs! Yes, bugs! Though not always welcomed back with open arms (most of the time), the spring weather has them back in full force looking to secure their future by any means necessary. Preparing themselves throughout winter, they have diminished supplies and now are in desperate need to replenish themselves and further their chance of survival. Whether roaches, ants, spiders, ticks or a number of others, these are the days when our defenses as home owners are put to the test. People with year round pest services benefit the most as perimeters and vulnerabilities have been addressed during the cold season and regular pest applications have created a barrier of protection from the onslaught of newcomers. Having these systems in place creates a much more suitable ease into this spring season. If pests are constantly in or around your home during the warmer seasons consider this as a valuable option for you in the future. Dealing with pests during this busy time of year can add mounds of unneeded stress to anyone. Consider having routine pest services as they can help maintain a better pest-free environment while helping to identify pest occurrences prior to becoming a problem.

    Here at Q36 Pest Control we utilize a wide variety of different tactics, techniques and strategies to ensure our clients get the very best results. We believe in using every tool in the bag for any given situation to help provide not only timely results but a solution to sustain those results for the future. If you live in the Oak Ridge or East Tennessee area, give us a call and see how we can help you achieve a healthier, pest free zone. If not make sure to call a professional to avoid any spring woes those bugs might bring to your doorstep!